You have just invested in a few lovely pieces of lingerie and you want to preserve them in the best condition for a long time. With care your lovely pieces will last, especially after following the ideas given below.


  1. Wash your new lingerie before wearing them, even though it may be a brand new piece.
    For sanitary reasons and to rid the new garments of potential chemical residue, it is a good idea to wash new lingerie. So, be kind to your skin, just wash them before wearing.
  2. Soak the garments for no more than 1/2 hour in light detergent.
    Depending on where you live, the brands and types may vary, but pick the one that is easy to dissolve. Mix the detergent with water before putting in the lingerie. Make sure that they are evenly mixed or you might end up having blotches in your bra or G-strings.
  3. Do not mix the dark coloured ones with the light ones.
    Yes, this is a basic rule but we still do this when we are lazy, lumping them together in a tub and then tears roll down when the pure white lace becomes antique rust colour.
  4. Remove any loose buckles or anything else that doesn't belong in the lingerie wash bowl.
    This helps prevent rust spots forming on delicate lingerie.
  5. Wash padded areas carefully.
    Pay attention to the areas that trap sweat. Make sure you wash them thoroughly or it might give you some nasty rashes the next time you wear it.
  6. Do not squash the bra or padding while washing as it will deform the shape.
    Just press them gently. Put the cup of the bra in the center of one palm and use your fist from the other hand to press against the cup, this will drain out the water without squashing the cups.
  7. Rinse away the detergent thoroughly as most people do not pay attention to this step.
    Detergent weakens the fibers of the material and if not rinsed out can speed up the erosion process. In time to come, you will notice that your favourite sexy lace bra is not as snug as before. Yes, the bra has expanded, not your breasts!
  8. Hang up the lingerie to dry if possible.
    If not, clip the straps and the middle portion of the bra, unless you want an imprint of the clothes peg on the padded portion, never snap a peg on the cups portion.
  9. Use a lingerie bag when drying your delicates in a clothes dryer.
  10. Stowing them in their original shape is the best way to preserve the shape.
    If you crush them or fold them, you are likely to destroy the shape of the bra. If you are not careful, not only will the bra not enhance your cleavage, you might end up looking like you have extra nipples.

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